Quality leads to Sustainable Business.


ACIS AG Ltd. is an independent company providing Management System Audits, Consultation, Training and Technical Inspections to various Customer Needs.  The company operates globally from Espoo, Finland.

We offer:

  1. -Businesses Development through Management Systems

  2. -Development and performance of Management System Audit Programs

- Reliable Technical Inspection Services using Customer Specified Criteria


- Analysis of Organization and its Processes for Development

  1. -Nuclear Scope Audits and Pre-Evaluations

- Command of multiple languages, when needed

Management System Assessments according to

  1. -ISO 9001/14001/18001

  2. -ASME NQA-1

  3. -Finnish Nuclear Codes (YVL A3)

  4. -NSQ-100

  5. -Other Customer defined criteria; for instance Project Specific Criteria


Welcome to develop your business through quality!